Cloud Transformation

Empowering an insurance leader with a cloud-based datahub


Our client is a major trade credit insurer covering transactions worldwide. The company would like to address the major business challenges of its sector: better serve their customers by providing new services, and increase its operational efficiency. Our client has an aging on-premise IT system that prevents them from meeting these challenges. Therefore, our client would like to transform its IT architecture and migrate the current system on a cloud-based architecture. Our client naturally chose MFG Labs to help design the architecture and implement it, while at the same time helping the company develop a true capability to operate it.

Cloud Transformation


The transformation led by our client is ambitious but necessary to be able to cope with competition and new market trends. One major key principle of this project was that this transformation should give result all along the way, in order to avoid funnel effect, and also this transformation should enable more flexibility and sustainability for the future.


Using a cloud first and manged service first policy, we assembled serverless services offered by the Aws cloud including (Kinesis, Lambda, Dynamo, API Gateway, ..)

We therefore decided to design and implement a datahub on this new infrastructure, by using Amazon Web Services modules. This datahub would permit to decoupled applications and ease data exchanges between applications (and break silos!). We therefore created a bus of events with Amazon Kinesis and Datastream on which any application can easily plug. Such architecture simplifies the flexibility and resilience of the whole system, as well as its updates and maintenance. The implementation is done in agile mode to quickly deliver features. In parallel, we helped our client set up and launch a KPI factory. This squad focuses on collecting business needs with different lines of business and delivering the correct KPI, in real time by “listening” to the datahub via an API. This team is a real enabler that delivers results and help business quickly grasp the benefits of this data and IT transformation.



In 8 months only :

  • creation of a datahub (event-oriented architecture, serverless)
  • migration of IT application eligible on this architecture
  • setup and launch of a KPI factory