Logistics in the era of AI

Meetup - when AI is used to improve logistics

By MFG Labs
Further, faster, when AI helps logistic companies optimize their activities

AI is at the heart of the freight transport revolution. MFG Labs has been helping various logistic companies to master their data and use it to optimize their core business. In this meetup, MFG Labs will have the opportunity to talk about concrete use cases implemented at Bolloré Transport & Logistic with the head of Innovation and Digital of this company.

Deadlines becoming shorter and shorter, tax and green regulation strengthening, structural or punctual shortage of capabilities (manpower and equipment), etc. All these new stakes are highly impacting the way transport and logistic companies to perform their activities.

At the heart of this shaking, one key feature appears: optimisation. And one mean to reach this key feature: the appropriate use of data.

Come and discover how big logistic corporations managed to digitize their business processes, with the use of data, to overcome these hurdles.

The meetup will be held on February, 6th 2020, from 7pm until 10:30pm at 8 Boulevard Haussman, 75008 Paris. A diner will follow the speeches.


  • Jean-Daniel Elbim, Chief Innovation & Data Officer at Bolloré Transport & Logistics
  • Paul-Medhy M’Rabet, senior data consultant at MFG Labs.

Graduated from Paris Dauphine university, Jean-Daniel spent most of his career in operational management positions, managing subsidiaries with thousands of employees, mainly in the energy and airport companies.

He joined Bolloré group five years ago, and led the implementation of a technological decision making platform (DMP to optimize sourcing and supply-chain at Bolloré Logistics) based on under constraints optimization algorithms.

Graduated from INSA and ESC Rennes, Paul-Medhy is specialized in helping companies in their data transformation. He notably managed at Bolloré Group various optimization projects for the front and middle offices where MFG Labs designed and implemented data solutions.

Other speakers:

  • Hervé Dechene, co-founder and VP Strategy Sprint Project
  • Benjamin de Buttet, COO, DC Brain
  • Valérian Pham Ngoc, deputy head of Supply-chain at Casino Group

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