IIID Design Awards

Rewarding the combination of data and design

By MFG Labs
Rewarding the combination of data and design

In the era of mass tourism, it is important to take into account the growing need for a personalized experience. Personalization requires a fine understanding of human nature and a knowledge of the behaviors provided by the data.

But can we really combine data and technology to put it at the service of human experience? In any case, this is the winning bet that MFG Labs and ekino made during the Data City challenge, a project rewarded by the IIID (International Institute for Information Design).

Founded in 1986 and recommended by UNESCO as a partner organization for global cooperation in information design, the IIID rewards every three years “exceptional work done in the field” by designers.

Rewarded with a Silver Award, Data City is a project where knowledge of human behavior sheds light on the data available and where the data improves the human experience. An award which obviously charms Charles-Henri Boisseau, from the Paris Tourist Office:

“For me it was an opportunity to discover new professions and new work cultures. The greatest success is to have kept the course of our project in a very short time even though we did not know each other at the origin. I could feel every team member was curious and invested. Thanks to consistency we have been able to move forward with enthusiasm in this project.”

Orianne Trouillet, head of Design and Experience at MFG Labs and ekino adds:

“Data city is a real project where we were able to work in a completely integrated way between the different skills. The designers worked with the data scientists who worked with the developers and engineers themselves to design an end-to-end solution that was both adapted to the needs and expectations of American tourists, and which really made it possible to integrate an innovative solution through the recommendation algorithm.”

An award that honors the alliance of complementary expertise, as CH.Boisseau from the Paris Tourist Office points out:

“This award recognizes the shared effort of several skills. For the Office, this project represents an additional step in the use of data. It opens up concrete and personalized perspectives in the user experience. We wanted to highlight new territories. The Parisian tourism economy will gain and everyone will find their way there. “

“This collaborative work between the different professions has made it possible to develop an innovative solution that takes into account the needs and uses of users to enrich their experience. An approach that should become more widespread in the coming years”, according to Matthieu Domain, Managing Director of MFG Labs.

This collaboration is based on a common method and listening between different expertises. A method which makes it possible to approach data in a simple way, as CH. Boisseau underlines:

“Raw data is arid, but the contribution of experts in user research and design allows us to exploit its richness.”

MFG Labs and ekino are very proud to have led this project for the City of Paris, and to have won the Silver Award. To learn more about Data City, it’s here!

And if you have any questions, or a project, do not hesitate to contact us!

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