When data transforms the visit of Paris

Challenge Datacity - Paris4you

By MFG Labs
How to propose a different way of discovering Paris: a genuine and personalized experience

In February, MFG Labs was selected to participate to this project initiated by NUMA and Mastercard. Next to Paris Convention and Visitor Bureau (OTCP in French), APUR and Ville de Paris, this project aims at improving the visitor’s experience while visiting Paris, especially for foreigners.

To meet this goal, MFG Labs set up an approach that implied the constant collaboration between User Research, design and data experts. The advantages are multiple: ensuring that the data collected could answer the tourist expectations, ensuring that an emphasis is put on data hunting to find high-quality and high-value dataset from open data or data partners, and obviously ensuring that the mix of business expertises (urbanism from APUR, Ville de Paris, Visitor Bureau, payment services, data experts) is focused on maximizing the tourist experience in Paris.

In the end, MFG Labs and its partners have created a way to generate new paths, genuine and personalized, according to their time, location and wishes. It’s a completely new experience, enhanced and personalized, that the City of Lights would be able to provide to tourists from all around the world in an app.

This project will be unveiled by MFG Labs and Mastercard on June, 12th at Paris City Hall, with 10 other startups selected to build pragmatic solutions to help improve the city of Paris.

View from the app : 3 targeted zones are selected

Launched in 2015, Datacity Paris is a collective innovation program which puts the data at the heart of the solution making, and connects Ville de Paris, big corporations and startups towards a common goal: define and create solutions for the city of the future. This program was created and is managed by NUMA.

You can view the replay of the event here.

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