AI and Territories

AI guide to help French territorial agencies

By MFG Labs
White paper written by MFG Labs alongside with Cepheid Consulting to deal with the opportunities and challenges brought by artificial intelligence for the territorial agencies

La Banque des Territoires, the French Bank for Territorial Agencies, a subsidiary of the government authority Caisse des Dépôts et des Consignations who aims at helping regional government agencies allocate resources and support to their local projects, has been for quite some years involved in the digital transformation of French territories and now wants to explore the opportunities brought by artificial intelligence (AI).

The topic being quite recent, and the news being flooded weekly with tons of breakthroughs, La Banque des Territoires had to call a group of experts, MFG Labs and Cepheid Consulting, to help them deep dive into the subject and define what could be concrete applications to enhance both the services provided to the citizens, and the internal way of working of local agencies.

MFG Labs and Cepheid Consulting worked closely together to write a practical guide that brings out the link between artificial intelligence and the challenges of the regional agencies.

The objectives of this white paper are manifold:

  • Give some knowledge and demystify the AI topic
  • Understand basic principles of AI and underlying concepts
  • Give concrete examples of usage and application
  • List a given number of prerequisites before launching any AI project
  • Launch a brainstorm about initiatives that could be undertaken

The complete guide is available online on the CDC website - HERE.

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