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MFG Labs is a full-stack data science & engineering company that guides firms in their Data journey: We elaborate data transformation plans, model challenges, make sense of data, build models and implement technical solutions.


Empower your business with data and AI and build a competitive advantage. We help you in your Data journey: How to start ? Which one is the correct data, system or process ? We work along your side to explore possibilities, evaluate their feasability while developping an execution plan

  • Empowerment seminar
  • Data-driven and AI roadmap
  • Data capabilities assessment


Address your operational challenges through a data-driven approach. Improve your understanding of your business, optimize a process or create a new service. We make use of articifial intelligence, data science, technology and design to model your challenge and build a solution.

  • Data studies (exploration and insight generations)
  • Modeling (statistical, mathematical, machine learning, deep learning, etc)
  • Data and AI services (API or embedded)
  • Project rescue


Build solid tech foundations for your data projects. We help you build the essential elements for the collection, transformation, processing and delivery of your data. To label and maintain your data consistently in the long run, we also support you in the implementation of data management best practices.

  • Data lab platform (Data science tools)
  • Data Infrastructure-as-a-Code (cloud, containers, dataOps)
  • Data-lake
  • Data governance


Create smart tools embedded in the users’ daily routine. We are here to help you think, build and deploy intelligent systems at scale

  • Intelligent systems & process optimization
  • Change management
  • Human in the loop

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