When a datalab fuels core business transformation

Conference - Euler Hermès x MFG Labs - datalab and core business

By MFG Labs
Conference - Euler Hermès x MFG Labs - datalab and core business

Regular conference sessions are held by Arts et Métiers alumni in Paris. They have decided to invite us, Euler Hermès and MFG Labs, to present the role of a datalab in the data transformation of a big group, particularly interesting when it comes to transforming a core business process.

Quick info:

Date of the conference: March, 9th 2020 at 6:45pm

Address: Hôtel des Arts et Métiers - 9 bis, Avenue d’Iéna à PARIS 16ème

Registration: https://www.arts-et-metiers.asso.fr/bureau/sinscrire/id_manifestation/4869


As a structure of innovation, the datalab main focus is the value creation made possible with the use of data. Datalabs in big corporation often attract the best data scientists, talents in the field of artificial intelligence that are as well used to agile methodologies. However, most of the time they are not given a mandate as ambitious as being the leading team when it comes to transforming a core business process.

Towards user augmentation! This conference will also be the opportunity to detail how Euler Hermès datalab managed a complex mission, from problem understanding to prototyping, in a group leader in credit insurance. The goal of this mission: design a new process in a core business activity by “augmenting” users and giving them a data-driven way of working.

A concrete client feedback that will insists on various aspects of the project:

  • the integration of external consultants and data scientists with the internal datalab
  • the work out of the best human-algorithm relationship for users
  • the alignment of various teams and stakeholders on a complex and multi-factor topic
  • the implementation of multiple mathematical models
  • the benefits of design thinking applied to a data-centered problem
  • the always underestimated importance of data analysis

As a common thread of this conference, we will talk about the way mathematics (and in particular artificial intelligence), in combination with a widespread access to data, is changing the way we work and push managers to rethink the human-machine interactions.


Marie DAVID - Head of Datalab at Euler Hermes

After a career in financial services, Marie David has managed several teams dedicated to big data and AI in the banking and insurance sector, before joining Euler Hermes as Chief Data Officer, where her team develops and industrialize machine learning models.

Engineer, graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and ENSAE, Marie David is also co-author of the book “Artificial Intelligence, the new barbarism”, published on October 2019 by Editions du Rocher.

Julien LAUGEL - Chief Data Scientist at MFG Labs

A long path in various places of the finance industry helped Julien Laugel to develop the sense of “value” of a piece of information, the subtle art of making data talk… and transform it into tangible assets! Chief Data Scientist at MFG Labs, he has become an expert in big data management systems, the interactive exploration of these data sets and in the implementation of Machine Learning algorithm. He studied Actuarial Sciences at Institut de Statistiques Pierre & Marie Curie (ISUP).

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